Residential Well Tank Installation

residential well tank installation in somerset countyIf you’re a homeowner with a water well on your property, it’s possible that you’ve experienced the unfortunate effects of a failing or aged well tank.

Imagine that you’re getting ready to brush your teeth and start the day, but when you turn the handle on your bathroom sink, only a few drops of water come out. If you run into this problem, it’s likely that your well tank isn’t functioning properly and you may need service.

Well tanks are vital components of water wells that are pressurized with compressed air. This compressed air plays a significant role in the water pressure in your home. The main responsibility of well tanks is to signal the pumps when water in the tank gets too low.

But if your tank isn’t working, it will never notify the pump that there isn’t much water left. This can result in your home running out of water, cutting off the water supply to sinks, baths, toilets and laundry machines.

When your tank fails, you may need a residential well tank installation. A new well tank will improve the water pressure in your home because, as tanks age, their performance tends to suffer. Installing a new tank will remedy all performance issues.

You may benefit from a tank installation if your current tank is malfunctioning, if you’re moving into a new home with an existing well, or if you’re getting a new well installed.

Well Tank Installation and Replacement

At Paramount Well Service, we offer residential well tank installation to homeowners throughout Somerset County and other areas in New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. If you live in or around Bucks County, Hunterdon County or Somerset County, we’re the reliable one-stop-shop for tank installation and other water well services.

Whether you need to replace your old well tank or you’re installing one in a new well, our contractors can efficiently complete your project.

Types of Well Tanks

We carry all types of well tanks, guaranteeing that one will benefit your property, and your family.

Two of the most popular types are diaphragm and bladder tanks. While these tanks have the same function, they slightly vary in a few ways:


  • Two chambers: one for compressed air and another for water
  • Costs less to operate over time than bladder tanks
  • More energy efficient
  • Less danger of leakage
  • More water can be stored under pressure
  • May get dislodged from the sides of the tank
    • This causes water to flow into the compressed air chamber and prevents pressure from building. Therefore, you may experience a major drop in water pressure, resulting in the need for a new tank immediately.


  • Also has one chamber for air and one for water
  • Helps maintain a desired range of water pressure
  • Minimizes pump cycling
  • Protects against water hammer
  • Easily waterlogged
  • More compact than diaphragms
    • Can lead to premature pump failure
    • Pressurized air pushes up against the bladder from all sides.

Both of these types of water tanks definitely have their share of pros and cons. But when you trust Paramount Well Service with your residential well tank installation, we will help you choose the type of tank that best suits your needs.

We offer bladder and diaphragm well tanks in both steel and fiberglass constructions for your consideration.

Additionally, we are also a proud distributor of Flexcon tanks that feature a patented CAD-2 design, which utilizes both a bladder and a diaphragm.

A Reliable Well Tank Installation Company

Replacing your well tank or installing one in a new well can greatly increase the pressure and quality of the water in your home. If you want a well tank installed or believe you need your current one replaced, you can count on Paramount Well Service to offer superior residential well tank installation. We approach all projects in a professional and friendly manner to establish long-lasting relationships with our customers.

If you live in Hunterdon County, Somerset County or a surrounding area and you need residential well tank replacement, give us a call today at 1800-352-0807. We will help you decide which type of tank is best for you and deliver efficient service around your schedule.