Commercial Constant Pressure/VFD Systems

Paramount Well Services installs and services constant pressure systems in wells on commercial properties. Water wells, in general, are designed to give you the ability to control a private water supply on your commercial property. Constant pressure systems, also known as VFDs (variable frequency drives), allow you to control the pressure of this supply.

Water Pressure of Constant Pressure/VFD Systems

These systems are meant to give consistent “city-like” water pressure. Pump controllers, or VFDs, are computerized devices that can speed up or slow down your well pump to meet your demands. They offer more control than some conventional well pump systems that constantly run on full speed. This adaptivity promotes energy efficiency and on-demand water use.

An important feature of these systems is the “soft start”. This capability allows the pump to start slowly and gradually build up speed as needed. This gradual approach significantly extends the life of the pump because most of the wear and tear in the submersible motor occurs at startup. With the soft start, you can simultaneously save water and improve the lifespan of your pump.

Also, with constant pressure systems, there is no need for large storage tanks. Conventional systems usually require these tanks, which take up an unnecessary amount of space. With a constant pressure system, a small tank can typically be mounted on the wall with a bracket, leaving more floor space.

Constant pressure systems also have built-in pump protection features such as low voltage, high amperage, dry run, and others that will shut down the pump if a problem arises.

Constant Pressure System Installation

We install constant pressure systems from some of the best brands in the industry including Franklin Electric, Goulds, FloWise, and Grundfos. If your commercial property’s water pressure is not up to your standards, enhance it by getting a VFD installed. We serve business owners throughout New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. Call us today at 800-352-0807 for a price quote and more information about your system options.