Commercial Well Chlorination and Inspection

Water is integral to the upkeep and daily operation of almost any commercial property. Having access to clean, hygienic water free from bacteria is doubly important to businesses that regularly use water like nurseries, laundromats, and car washes. For over 30 years, Paramount Well Service has helped countless companies keep their water sources free of contamination.

Every business cares about the health and happiness of its customers. To that end, they need to guarantee that their water does not contain any contaminants or harmful bacteria. Paramount Well Service provides well chlorination and inspection for this very reason. Once a company calls us, we conduct an evaluation on site and take measures to ensure the safety of their water.

Is your well contaminated?

Wells might become contaminated for a variety of reasons. Here are just a few of the signs our technicians look for when performing an inspection.

  • Slack or worn seals
  • Loose or cracked well covers
  • Damaged wall lining
  • Flooding due to weather or natural disasters
  • Recent damage or repairs to septic tanks
  • Proximity to sources that often contaminate groundwater, like landfills or septic systems

Should your well be disinfected?

If any of the above conditions are present, your well water should be disinfected. Water should also be treated any time wells, pumps, or tanks are installed or repaired. We also employ laboratory services for fail-safe analysis of possible bacterial contamination.

The best companies always prioritize the safety of their customers. For expert well inspection and treatment, give Paramount Well Service a call today.