Residential Open Loop Geothermal System

If you own a home in New Jersey or eastern Pennsylvania, Paramount Well Services can both install and service an open loop geothermal system. These systems consist of heat pumps that keep the water in your well at the right temperature. Geothermal pumps use the heat from the earth and its groundwater to both heat and cool the water in your home.

Open loop geothermal systems are a cost-efficient way to keep your well functioning properly. There are two different types of geothermal systems that we can install in your home.

“Standing Column” System

This type of system uses one well with a submersible well pump and an interior heat exchanger. Water is first pumped from the well into your house. Then, it passes through a heat exchanger before returning to the same well.

“Pump and Dump” System

The “pump and dump” system makes use of two separate wells. One is a supply well, which has a submersible pump. The second well is an injection, or return, well. The pump in the first well moves water into the home through a heat exchanger before it is returned to the second well.

Open Loop Geothermal System Installation

In order to figure out which system is best for your home, we recommend consulting with a geothermal designer. They will survey your property and inform you of the specifications you’ll need for the geothermal system and offer you a detailed proposal with a quote on the price.

We have been installing open loop geothermal systems in homes for more than 30 years. With the in-depth knowledge our team has of the surrounding area’s geography and aquifers, we can accurately install an open loop geothermal system that is best suited for your property.

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