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At Paramount Well Service, we proudly install innovative Well Manager products that help both residential and commercial properties achieve consistent water volume and pressure. Low water yield does not always necessitate further well drilling services. Well Manager units and pumps can manage and store well water in such a way that even low yield wells can supply entire households and retail establishments. Paramount Well Service is one of very few authorized distributors capable of installing and servicing Well Manager systems in Morris County, Mercer County, Hunterdon County, and Bergen County.

Low yield well systems can be just the beginning of the property owner’s troubles. Trying to force normal pressure levels can lead to over-pumping, which can in turn result in premature well failure. Also, when water is drawn from aquifers faster than it can be replaced, sediment and other contaminants are more likely to clog and pollute the well. Over-pumping can even lead to the settling or collapse of water tables, causing a whole host of other issues.

Do More with Less

Well Manager systems work by using intelligent systems to restrict and store well water:

  • Self-Contained – These products were designed with conservation of space in mind. As a result, even limited-access wells can benefit from Well Manager systems.
  • Built-In Protection – Automatic shutoff mechanisms protect the equipment (and your property!) when water levels become dangerously high or low.
  • Quiet – No mysterious sounds disturbing occupants at random hours.
  • Ease of Water Treatment – Unit containers allow for easy maintenance of equipment and administration of chemical regimens.

These are just a few of the countless benefits of Well Manager systems.

Features to Suit Any Need

These low yield well systems also come with a variety of optional features that allow us to tailor them to any situation:


  • Horizontal and Vertical Configurations – Different tank orientations allow for more options when working with unusually shaped or restrictive spaces.
  • Spray Boom – As it draws water, a spray boom automatically removes radon and other gas contaminants.
  • Remote Tank Level Indicator – This 24-volt display can be mounted anywhere on the property to allow for remote monitoring of water levels.
  • Stop Loss Control – Restrict maximum water output to any one source to prevent issues like running toilets or faulty outside faucets from emptying your tanks.
  • Channel Notifier – Automatically alerts one or more phone numbers if an issue arises.


Well Manager systems prove invaluable to any property owner that wants to help their private water source reach its full potential. Although we do drill and modify wells themselves when necessary, sometimes high-performance pumps and storage tanks are a better alternative.

When All Is Not Well

Although wells confer many benefits, they also come with their own challenges. Well Manager systems can address and even reverse these issues:

  • Seasonal issues or drought – Properties that rely on natural water sources will sometimes experience issues depending on the season and local climate. The water available in aquifers can lessen considerably in the winter and fall, leading to unsatisfactory water pressure. On the other hand, well systems can get overwhelmed by high water levels in summer and, especially, spring. Well Manager systems can mitigate inconsistent water availability due to seasonal changes as well as irregular weather like drought or flood-inducing storms.
  • High electric bills – Unfortunately, not all pumps are made equal. Inefficient or faulty pumps can sometimes almost double a property’s electric bills. Well Manager created their pumps with optimal performance and intelligent design in mind, saving money in the long run.
  • Competition – Sometimes, entire developments will rely on the same private water source. Without smart pumps and efficient tanks, water pressure and availability will suffer, especially during peak hours. A single property can even induce this effect after building a few additions or extensions.
  • Over-pumping – Lastly, years of unrestricted pumping from stressed aquifers can also lead to low yield (or even no yield) well systems. Intelligent systems like those created by Well Manager can mitigate further stress while providing the property with more than sufficient water pressure and volume.

Interested in installing a Well Manager system for your low yield well? Paramount Well Service is available to home and business owners in the following counties:

  • Morris County
  • Mercer County
  • Hunterdon County
  • Bergen County
  • Somerset County
  • Bucks County and other areas of eastern PA

For more information about Well Manager systems, reach out to our team today to schedule a well inspection! From there, we’ll be able to advise you on the best systems for the low yield well on your property.

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