Residential Well Inspection

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Residential Well Inspection

You’re a homeowner who relies on a private water source. One day, you wake up and realize that something is just not quite right with your water. Perhaps you taste a hint of iron. Maybe you turn the sink on and see an unsavory green or brown tint coming out of the faucet. In any case, you know what you must do: Call a company that does residential well inspection.

When it comes to water, you can’t delay a professional inspection if something is amiss. Why risk your health? Entire families, and sometimes whole developments, often depend on one well. Nothing is worth compromising your household’s wellbeing.

At Paramount Well Service, we value your water’s cleanliness and purity just as highly as you do. For more than 30 years, we have provided residential well inspections and other well services to residents of Hunterdon County and Somerset County. Countless households trust us to keep their water sources safe and reliable.

Common Signs That You Need a Well Inspection

At the very least, well owners should have their well inspected once a year. New homeowners should also have an inspection upon buying a property with a well. In both instances, they should be on the lookout for the following signs or symptoms that may indicate that they should call a professionally licensed inspector immediately:

  • Turbidity – Is your water cloudy? If it looks like your water has floating particles or suspended matter in it, you are better off getting an inspection.
  • Discoloration – Green or blue staining can indicate unnaturally high (and unsafe) levels of acidity.
  • Silt, sediment, or rust – Brown or reddish-brown coloration in your water may hint at contamination. Besides the clear health threat, these contaminants can also quickly wear down well pumps and filters.
  • Unusual taste or odor – Strange tastes or smells immediately tip homeowners off to potential well problems. This can result from sediment, dissolving metals and organic matter.
  • Inconsistent or low water pressure – If water stops intermittently or flows weakly, that is likely a symptom of an inefficient or faulty system.

If you are experiencing these types of issues, you should schedule a residential well inspection as soon as possible. The longer some issues persist, the harder they may be to treat.

Why Gamble with Water Quality?

It is not always easy for a layman to detect issues with the quality of their water. Some events and factors may increase the likelihood of bacterial contamination. A professional can detect any complications that result from the following issues:

  • Haggard or lax well seal
  • Cracked wall lining
  • Recent repair to well structure, tank, or pump
  • Recent flooding due to inclement weather or other natural events
  • Recent failure or repair of septic systems

Should we find evidence of bacterial contamination, we disinfect your water source through a tried-and-true method of shock chlorination. Flushing the solution through your water system eliminates all remnants of harmful bacteria. In short order, your water will be safe and ready to drink once again. If bacterial contamination persists, we would then discuss further water treatment. Bacteria is very treatable and nothing to be afraid of when you call the experts at Paramount.

Contact New Jersey’s Leading Well Experts for an Inspection

Have more questions about our well inspection and chlorination process? Want to inquire about the full range of well services we provide throughout New Jersey and parts of Pennsylvania? Our skilled experts are glad to answer any questions you may have. Give Paramount Well Service a call today at 800-352-0807.