Commercial Open Loop Geothermal System

Paramount Well Services installs and services open loop geothermal systems on commercial properties throughout New Jersey and parts of eastern Pennsylvania. These systems consist of heat pumps to keep your well producing water at the correct temperature. Geothermal pumps utilize the natural heat of the earth and its groundwater to heat and cool your company’s water. They simply move heat from one place to another.

Open loop geothermal systems are an easy and cost-effective way to keep your well functioning properly. We install two different types of geothermal systems on commercial properties:

“Standing Column” System:

This type of system utilizes one well with an interior heat exchanger and a submersible well pump. The water is pumped from the well to the commercial property, through a heat exchanger, and back into the well.

“Pump and Dump” System:

Unlike the standing column system, this system utilizes two separate wells: a supply well with a submersible pump and an injection, or return, well. The pump in the first well pumps water into your property through a heat exchanger. The water is then returned to the injection, or return, well.

Geothermal System Installation

To determine which system is right for you, we recommend consulting a geothermal designer. They will examine your property and give you specifications regarding the proposed system. This allows us to confirm the specifications and offer you an accurate proposal and price quote.

For 30 years, we have been installing these types of systems and many more on commercial properties. We have in-depth knowledge of the area’s geography and aquifers to accurately install the open loop geothermal system that is best for the property. In fact, we have installed some of the first large-scale standing column systems in New York City. We can take your company’s efficiency to the next level with an open loop geothermal system that will improve your water quality and temperature. Contact us today at 800-352-0807 for more information.