Residential Water Treatment

residential water treatment bucks countyAs homeowner, you know the benefits of using a private water source. Your water bill (or lack thereof) proves this. However, relying on a well can come with its own challenges. Your health and the health of your family should never be compromised by contaminated water. Because you choose to use a private source and not a public utility, you are responsible for ensuring the cleanliness and hygiene of the water you pump from your well. This might be a daunting task for some.

Paramount Well Service has assisted homeowners with residential water treatment for over 30 years. Clients can rest assured that our knowledge and experience will keep the water they use every day safe. As a full-service company, we do not begin and end with treatment: We work closely with the homeowner through inspection, water analysis, treatment, and beyond. Countless families in Hunterdon County, and Somerset County depend on us to ensure the purity of their water sources.

When should I treat my water?

No one wants to gamble with their family’s health. If you know your water is contaminated, you should secure the services of a residential water treatment company immediately. Paramount Well Service works directly with a New Jersey-certified laboratory to promptly analyze water samples and determine next steps. Sometimes, though, it is not always apparent when you should have your water evaluated.

Here are just a few signs that you should have your well evaluated. Incidentally, our experts will also look out for these factors whenever they conduct an inspection:

  • Slack or worn seals
  • Loose or cracked well covers
  • Damaged wall lining
  • Flooding due to weather or natural disasters
  • Recent damage or repairs to septic tanks
  • Wells connected to fractured rock
  • Proximity to sources that often contaminate groundwater, like landfills or septic systems

If any of the above signs are present, you should have your water treated as soon as possible. As a good rule of thumb, you should also disinfect your water source whenever you repair your well or install new pumps or tanks. In addition to these signs, you should look out for other unusual qualities that your water may have:

  • Iron/Manganese/Sulfur Odor
  • Taste, Odor, and VOCs
  • Acidic Water (blue/green staining)
  • Orange, Brown, or Black Staining
  • Sediment and Silt
  • Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, and Gross Alpha

If you have noticed any of these qualities, or just want to make sure that your household’s drinking water is safe, give us a call.

Beyond Treatment

Paramount Well Service also serves as one of the select few distributors of Well Manager products in Hunterdon County, and Somerset County. In the residential water treatment business, we often see homeowners experiencing water quality issues again and again due to poorly functioning pumps and tanks. This equipment, whether through advanced age, faulty components or poor design, continually presents them with problems.

Well Manager’s innovative products feature the latest developments in the industry, allowing for efficient storage and pumping. These units make it easy to test and treat water – some actually help to treat water automatically just by their design. We are proud to install and maintain these systems for the homeowners we serve.