Residential Constant Pressure/VFD Systems

Paramount Well Service installs and services constant pressure systems in wells in homes across New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. Unlike most pumps which just run constantly at full speed, constant pressure systems, frequently referred to as VFDs (variable frequency drives), are able to slow down or speed up the pump to match (or meet) the demand, which gives you control over the pressure of your water supply.

Constant Pressure/VFD Systems Water Pressure

Not only do these systems give you more control over your home’s water, but it also feels more like “city water” pressure. A pump controller, or VFD, is a computerized device that can change the speed of your well pump to meet your water demand. This differs from conventional systems that run all the time at full speed and require more energy.

The “soft start” feature of VFDs is one of the most important parts of the system. This slowly starts the pump and will gradually bring your pump up to speed as needed. Not only is this energy efficient, but it also significantly extends the life of the pump. Most of the wear and tear in the submersible motor comes from the startup of the pump because of the amperage draw.

If a problem arises with your pump, constant pressure systems have features built-in to protect the pump from issues such as dry run, high amperage, and low voltage that will shut the pump down.

Constant Pressure System Installation

We install VFDs manufactured by top brands in the industry such as Franklin Electric, Goulds, Grundfos, and FloWise. If your home does not have adequate water pressure, upgrade it by having a VFD installed. Give us a call today at 800-352-0807 to learn more about constant pressure systems.