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So Your Home’s Well Water Is Contaminated — Now What?

Water tap faucet with flowing contaminated muddy and dirty water in a white bathroom sink.

When it comes to residential well systems, ensuring that the water supply remains uncontaminated becomes crucial. Homeowners can receive a wealth of benefits from well water use throughout their homes. Your residential well provides your home with both drinking water and water for your various appliances throughout the house. Sinks, washers, dryers, and showers all […]

When Should I Chlorinate My Commercial Property’s Water Well?

When a business depends on a well for its water supply, the well water must be sanitary to prevent people from getting sick. Well water must be safe for drinking, cooking, bathing, and washing hands. Child care centers, laundromats, residential rentals, restaurants, and car washes are businesses that must offer clean, safe water. Paramount Well […]

Advantages of Open Loop Geothermal Systems for Your Home or Business

diagram of open loop geothermal system

Groundwater wells provide a continuous, clean water supply for homeowners, farmers, and business owners in rural areas and cities where wells are permitted. One of the most attractive aspects of groundwater wells versus municipal water is that utilizing a well is exceptionally cost-effective. While well water on its own offers a host of benefits, well […]

What’s the Difference Between Drip Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems?

drip irrigation

Determining the best watering system for your lawn or landscaping depends on several factors. For example, expansive tree-less lawns would benefit from a sprinkler system. Landscaped areas consisting of many small trees, bushes, and ornamental plants would benefit from drip irrigation. In some cases, property owners may need both drip irrigation and sprinkler systems.

What Should I Expect During a Water Well Inspection?

crystal clear sweet and healthy water being flush out by a heavy diesel engine tube well in the wheat fields where the river water can't reach

According to estimates from the EPA, over 13 million Americans have their home’s water supplied via a well on their property. Well water is prevalent in rural areas and homes with septic tanks. To maintain the quality and safety standards of well water, it’s recommended that homeowners get their well inspected annually. Residential well inspections […]