What Does It Mean to Have Low pH Levels? Is it Good for My Home or Business?

Have you checked on the pH levels in your home or business? Low pH levels, or acidic water, can profoundly impact plumbing, appliances, and overall water quality, making it a critical aspect of water management to understand and address. For both home and business owners, ensuring that water has a balanced pH is one of […]

Top 5 Questions to Ask a Water Well Drilling Contractor Before Hiring Them

A couple shaking hands with a contractor as they stand in front of a house.

As you embark on the crucial task of securing a reliable water source for your home or business, you’ll quickly find that choosing the right water well drilling contractor can make a substantial difference in your comfort. Your choice of contractor can make the difference between a well that provides a steady supply of clean […]

What Qualifies as a Water Well Emergency?

A person peering down into an open water well.

When it comes to our water supply, we often take its reliability and safety for granted. However, for households relying on a private water well system, emergencies can occur that disrupt this vital resource. But what exactly qualifies as a water well emergency? This question is crucial for homeowners to understand in order to ensure […]

5 Tips for Keeping Your Well From Running Dry

A person putting their hands under a running sink faucet.

If you have recently purchased a home with a well on the property or had one recently drilled, you’re ready for life beyond being bound by local utility companies. You’re prepared to have better-tasting drinking water and the opportunity to leave a more environmentally friendly footprint on your personal piece of the planet. However, private […]

How Often Should I Have My Well Water Tested?

A close-up of a pipette dropping a clear liquid into a glass tube.

Regularly ensuring that your home’s water is safe to drink is an important part of being a responsible well owner. While the Environmental Protection Agency and many other state and township guidelines strongly encourage homeowners to test their well water regularly, there are no legal requirements in place, meaning that your water’s safety and drinkability […]