3 Commercial Businesses That Benefit from Regular Water Treatment

No matter what type of commercial business you own, it is crucial to maintain a water supply that is both safe and within the chemical limits set forth by the government. Neglecting or falling behind on water purity standards can spell trouble for just about any business, but some are particularly at risk if water does not receive regular treatment. Thankfully, our experts specialize in both commercial and residential water treatment in Hunterdon County and throughout New Jersey, keeping home and business owners protected from any and all contaminants that may affect their water supply.

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If you are involved in any of the following business ventures, we recommend enlisting Paramount Well Services to protect your business by treating and maintaining your water supply:


Although this should come as no surprise, it is vitally important to engage in regularly scheduled water treatment for your laundromat. With a business that involves so many different chemicals due to detergents and other cleaning products, it is possible for your water supply to become contaminated, effectively leaving your customers to wash their clothes with potentially damaging substances.

Paramount Well Services can provide affordable water treatment for laundromats across New Jersey. Not only will we diagnose the issue, but we will use our 30+ years of experience to rectify the situation and ensure that your business is running smoothly and within the set regulations.

Car Wash

Similarly to laundry service providers, car wash owners must be especially mindful of their water supply and ensure that it does not contain high levels of acid or other contaminants, which can damage customers’ vehicles. Due to the large amount of cleaning supplies and chemicals that are used in car washes, certain chemical solutions are bound to find their way back into your water lines. Paramount Well Services looks to alleviate these concerns by testing and treating water supplies for commercial car wash proprietors.

Plant Nursery

Last but not least, plant and tree nurseries are particularly at risk for water contamination. If certain pesticides or other insect-repelling chemicals make their way into your water supply, you may be watering your plants with damaging substances, killing your plants and putting your business at risk. At Paramount Well Services, we have helped a large number of nurseries in New Jersey ensure a clean and chemical-free water supply by administering regular water treatment services.

With more than three decades of experience, we have helped to ensure the continued success of countless businesses by testing, treating, and maintaining their water supply. Covering everything from water treatment to emergency well services in Morris County and across the state, Paramount Well Services is the one to call for expert knowledge and unmatched customer satisfaction. Plus, if you contact us today, your business can take advantage of our 10% off water treatment special, which will run until the end of March.