3 Common Well Pump System Issues to Watch Out for This Winter

Like most things in a household, water wells must be properly maintained in order to ensure that they can consistently produce high-quality water. But even with the help of preventative maintenance, some wells can experience issues that can cause them to be less efficient or inoperative— especially during the winter months. As the leading provider of residential well pump repairs in Hunterdon County, NJ, we want to inform homeowners of some of the potential well issues they should watch out for this winter:


No Waterflow From Fixtures

Lack of water flow is probably the most apparent water pump system issue and also the most concerning. Often, when a home is not getting the water it needs, homeowners assume that their water supply pipes have frozen, which may be the case, but if your jet pump is not properly insulated, it’s more than likely a pump issue. Since jet pumps are installed inside of a home rather than underground, they are left vulnerable to freezing temperatures. Keeping your jet pump and water supply pipes covered in insulation is an easy way to prevent them from freezing this winter.


Inconsistent Water Pressure

In general, inconsistency in a well’s water pressure can stem from a number of factors such as low water levels, pressure tank problems, and hard water scaling in pipes. If you notice that your well is not drawing in as much water as it used to, then you should have your system inspected by a professional. Since water expands as it freezes, it can cause pipes to burst and pressure tanks to become damaged. Pinpointing the root cause of your water pressure issues quickly is the only way to avoid them from growing into more extensive problems.


Power Loss

If you live in an area of New Jersey that frequently experiences power outages during the winter, then you’ll want to plan ahead if you want to have fresh water all winter long. Power outages will cause your well pump system to be unusable, as your well will not provide your home with any water until the power returns. To avoid this problem, you should invest in a portable generator to supply your well pump system with the power it needs to stay running in the event of a power outage.


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