3 Warning Signs That Your Well Pump Isn’t Working Properly

Your home’s source of water is essential to maintain daily health and hygiene. From cooking dinner to taking your daily shower, the water in your home is something that can often be taken for granted. It’s hard to understand how important having a consistent source of water is until it’s suddenly gone. Luckily, we here at Paramount Well Service are proud to help property owners when issues with their well pump arise.

As the top choice for residential well pump repair in Hunterdon County, homeowners have turned to our team at Paramount Well Service for over 30 years when they notice issues with their home’s source of water. Some of the most common warning signs of issues with your well pump include:

Sounds Coming from Your Pressure Tank

Your pressure tank, which is connected to your home’s water source, is filled with air so it is able to send water all across your home. This tank has a bladder that separates air from the water. A rapid clicking noise generally means there is a tear in the bladder that is allowing water into the air chamber. This condition, called rapid cycling, will strain your pump motor and will ultimately lead to total failure if not addressed. Your pressure tank leaking air can put extra pressure on your motor and can lead to serious damage if not addressed quickly and properly.

Sudden Rise In Utility Bills

Any issues that cause your well pump to work harder will lead to a higher electric bill. Regardless of whether the issue is like what was mentioned above or one of many other issues that can affect your well equipment, homeowners will notice a much higher electric bill if their well system isn’t functioning properly.

We recommend homeowners go back and look at what their utility bills looked like this time last year or the year before that. Noticing a much higher jump than previous years is a sure sign of an issue on your hands.

Spitting Faucets

Although a fairly easy issue to address, spitting faucets can be an indicator that your well pump may need to replaced altogether. Because of this, we always recommend calling the professionals at Paramount Well Service. We can diagnose the issue while also inspecting your entire system to prevent small issues from turning into major repairs.


When it comes to residential well pump repair in Mercer County, look no further than our team at Paramount Well Service. For over 30 years, we’ve proudly property owners in the local area with any well or pump issues. Give us a call today at 800-352-0807 to get started.