Water tap faucet with flowing contaminated muddy and dirty water in a white bathroom sink.

So Your Home’s Well Water Is Contaminated — Now What?

When it comes to residential well systems, ensuring that the water supply remains uncontaminated becomes crucial. Homeowners can receive a wealth of benefits from well water use throughout their homes. Your residential well provides your home with both drinking water and water for your various appliances throughout the house. Sinks, washers, dryers, and showers all use water from the well to perform their daily functions. Protecting your well from contamination is critical; however, accidents happen. 

Suppose your well water becomes contaminated for one reason or another. In that case, you have to act quickly to address the problem and get the experts from Paramount Well Service out to assess the situation. The first steps towards addressing the issue starts with knowing the potential causes of the contamination. 

How Can I Fix the Problem?

Whenever you are dealing with a potentially contaminated well water system, the first thing homeowners should do is to stop drinking or using the water immediately. After that, identifying the source is at the top of the list, while contacting both your local health department and then the professionals at Paramount Well Service become your main priorities. 

What Caused the Contamination?

Contaminated well water is one of the most significant issues that can affect an entire household. The first step towards addressing the issue revolves around determining where it originated from. There are a variety of potential sources that can cause the initial problem with your well water. 

The possible sources of contamination in your water system can be linked back to the following: 

  • Damage and wear on the seals
  • Flood damage and runoff from extreme weather events
  • Recent issues with your septic tanks
  • Close proximity to potentially contaminated groundwater sources. 

Finding the sources of the poor water quality can help address the problem at its source and establish a quick path towards fixing the problem. With an experienced technician on call, discovering the sources and providing your system with the proper water treatment becomes a more reasonable proposition. 

Contact Your Local Health Department

Well water contamination issues represent a significant public health hazard that can not only affect your home’s water supply but could also lead to potential issues for your neighbors. By notifying the local health department, you help the local authorities inform the rest of your neighbors so they can take the necessary precautions regarding their water supplies. 

Call in the Professionals 

Once you have identified the source and notified the appropriate agencies, you can begin to address the source of the issue and get your water supply back on track. Calling an experienced water treatment and well water maintenance company can help address the problem at its source quickly and efficiently. The team at Paramount Well Service has the perfect combination of experience and ability to handle the various potential causes of water contamination and get your system back to normal. 

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Paramount Well Service has helped countless residential and commercial customers get their well water systems back in working order after contamination. In addition to water contamination issues, we can help homeowners in South Jersey with well drilling on their property. Contact our team to schedule an appointment and get your well back into good condition.