5 Signs Your Home’s Well May Need Attention

If you rely on a well as your main source of water for your home, it is vitally important that you keep a close eye on your system to ensure that you are getting a consistent flow of safe drinking water. Allowing problems with your well to get worse can jeopardize the safety of you and your family if they are severe enough. Paramount Well Service, an industry leader for residential well inspection in Hunterdon County and beyond, strives to help you spot the warning signs before they become legitimate problems for your health.

Your Electric Bill Has Suddenly Skyrocketed

One of the most common signs that your well pump may require maintenance is noticing a significant increase in your electricity bill with no apparent cause. This usually occurs because your well pump is working much harder than it should be due to the buildup of debris or sediment in your pump. Typically, this is one of the less severe issues that can happen to your well, and can be fixed relatively easily with a professional cleaning of your pump.

Low Water Pressure

If you have noticed a drop-off in the water pressure within your home, there could be serious issues with your well pump. Hopefully, there is a blockage that can be solved with a simple cleaning of the line. There is a chance, however, that your pump could be losing its strength and require a replacement. This service could be a major inconvenience, but thankfully Paramount Well Service can alleviate your concerns with a quick and cost-efficient pump replacement to have your system back up and running.

Unusual Color

If you notice any discoloration of your water, we recommend that you call us immediately. The problem could be due to contamination or pipe corrosion. If the water has become contaminated, it could make you sick. Our experts are trained to spot this type of thing, and can easily diagnose any issues with an on-site inspection of your well.

Sputtering Faucets

Sputtering faucets are typically a sign that there is a broken seal somewhere on your well pump. This is usually an easy fix, but there is also a chance your pump could need replacement altogether, making it crucial that you schedule an inspection.

Bad Taste

Not unlike discoloration, bad-tasting well water could mean that your system has been contaminated from an outside source. It is also possible, however, that it is a simple buildup of sediment, but you won’t know unless you get your system inspected by a professional.

If you have been experiencing any of these warning signs, we encourage you to call Paramount Well Service to schedule an inspection of your well. Our well service professionals will use their experience and know-how to diagnose the problem and get your well back to normal. We are proud to offer a full range of well services for all your well needs, including everything from water treatment to residential well installation in Hunterdon County and throughout the area. Call 800-352-0807 to schedule your inspection today!