Signs That You Might Need Well Water Treatment

If you have a well on your residential or commercial property, you have your own supply of water that is free of additives. However, sometimes the water quality can decrease, which is a sign of a larger problem. These issues can usually be solved with water treatment.

Water treatment removes bacteria and other toxic chemicals from well water. At Paramount Well Service, our water treatment is guaranteed to solve the problem and give you cleaner and safer water.

But how do you know if your well water needs treatment? Here are a few signs that your water should be cleaned and that it’s time to call us for service:

Unusual odor

If your water smells unusual, it’s likely that there’s a problem with the chemicals in it. When water smells like rotten eggs, that usually means that there is a large amount of hydrogen sulfide in your water. While this poses no health risks, it can be extremely inconvenient.

Bad taste

A bad taste in your water could be a sign of chemicals that can be unhealthy for you to consume. Call Paramount Well Service as soon as possible if your water has a metallic, bitter, or salty taste.


If your water needs treatment, stains can appear on items you wash. For example, water contaminants can produce stains on dishes and clothes.


Cloudy or murky water could be a sign of unwanted contaminants.

Sandy texture

Gritty or sandy water is a sign of silt or sediment in your water. This could pose a potential health risk if not treated as soon as possible.


If anyone using your water is ill for no obvious reason, it might be because of exposure to contaminants or bacteria in your water. Therefore, it’s important to get your water tested and treated as soon as possible.

Thick or oily film

If you notice a film over water in your bathtub or sink, there might be built-up oil or grease in your water system. This could be caused by a leaky water main or a contaminated water table near your well.

At Paramount Well Service, we have the equipment to quickly and efficiently rid your well of all the chemicals and bacteria that can affect your water supply. These contaminants can damage your items and affect your health if not treated as soon as possible. Call us today for an affordable and environmentally friendly treatment at 800-352-0807.