What Are the Advantages of Having a Residential Well?

Are you tired of dealing with impurities in your city water supply? You’re not alone, and you have options! Thirteen percent of Americans rely on residential well services for their water supply. Wells offer homeowners more independence than city water, although they add an extra layer of responsibility in the form of maintenance. That said, the environmental and financial benefits of having well water make a strong case for switching. Here’s what you need to know:

Having a Well Can Save You Money 

Most of what you will spend on your well will go to initial setup and system maintenance. Over time, you can eliminate the need to pay your monthly water bill. 

Well Water Tastes Better

Well water has the advantage of traveling straight from the ground up into your home for consumption, and it is typically purer than its public counterpart. Because of this, the taste of well water is generally unaffected by chlorine, fluoride, and other harsh chemicals commonly used to treat public water. Of course, households with well water should have it tested annually to ensure that no contamination has occurred.

Having a Well Is Environmentally Friendly 

When treated with chlorine or fluoride, city water can contaminate the surrounding soil, affecting plants and animals that depend on it. Clean, natural well water can prevent any chemicals from infringing upon the ecosystem surrounding your home.

Having a Well Increases Property Value 

If you are selling your home, having an independent water source will allow you to ask for more for your property than you would be able to if it relied on city water.

While some maintenance is required, having a well for your home water source can save your family money while providing cleaner water. For more information on the advantages of residential well installation in Bucks or Morris County, reach out to the experts at Paramount Well Service today!