What Types of Water Treatment Are Available for Residential Wells?

It isn’t unusual for homeowners to have questions about the quality of their well water. In fact, substances like iron, sulfur, manganese, arsenic, lead, and mercury can be found in residential tap water. If your water seems to have an acidic taste or sulfur-type odor, then it may be due to the presence of contaminants like these. The good news is that there is a range of different residential water treatments in Somerset County available for you to choose from. The ideal water treatment option for you varies depending on the specific contaminants in your water, as well as your specific filtration preferences.

Water Softening   

One of the most popular water treatment systems available to homeowners is water softening. Water softening is used specifically to remove heavy minerals like iron, calcium, and magnesium. Minerals like these are not always detectable by taste, but having them in your water can cause hard deposits to form in your pipes over time. Water softening systems remove the mineral ions in your water through an ion exchange process, allowing filtered or “softened” water to pass through your faucet.  

Reverse Osmosis 

Reverse osmosis is another common filtration process used by in-home treatment systems. They use a filter made from tightly woven membranes that separate solid particles from your tap water as it passes through the system. There are two different types of reverse osmosis treatment systems: whole-home and point-of-use. Whole-home systems filter all the water that enters your home at the source, while point-of-use filters are mounted directly to a single faucet and clean only the water from that source.  


Ultraviolet is different from the first two systems discussed in that it is designed to remove bacterial organisms rather than minerals. This filtration method uses ultraviolet light to kill any living organisms in your water and filters them out before they reach your faucet. If your water has tested positive for any kind of bacteria, then this is likely the best system for your home.  

Modern residential water treatment can remove harmful contaminants and help ensure the cleanliness and safety of your family’s drinking water. If your water has tested positive for contaminants or you are concerned about its taste or appearance, don’t hesitate to reach out to the pros at Paramount Well Service for more information.