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When Should I Chlorinate My Commercial Property’s Water Well?

When a business depends on a well for its water supply, the well water must be sanitary to prevent people from getting sick. Well water must be safe for drinking, cooking, bathing, and washing hands. Child care centers, laundromats, residential rentals, restaurants, and car washes are businesses that must offer clean, safe water. Paramount Well Service recommends that commercial building owners have their well water tested annually to ensure it is safe for drinking and other uses. If the test results indicate there is contamination, shock chlorination can treat the issue. Shock chlorination is the process of disinfecting home and business water systems with chlorine bleach to treat bacterial contamination.

When Should You Request Shock Chlorination?

Wells can become contaminated immediately after completion, when no one has used them for a while, or when there is standing water near or around the well casing. Contamination can also be a problem after heavy rains or floods, when septic tanks malfunction, and when iron bacteria are present. Signs of contamination include cloudy water, slime, and an odor due to sulfur-reducing bacteria. If any of these situations occur, the source of contamination needs to be eliminated.

The Shock Chlorination Process

A well-drilling professional or technician has the expertise to handle shock chlorination. Inspecting the well and surrounding areas to determine the cause of the contamination is vital. Our well-drilling professionals understand how to locate and correct the causes of contamination. Cracks in the well casing, a missing or loose well cap, or a malfunctioning septic system nearby are all problems to address before beginning shock chlorination. Once any potential sources of contamination have been eliminated or repaired, the shock chlorination process can begin. Shocking involves treating the well and associated surfaces with a 200 pp million chlorine solution to kill bacteria.

Using a Well After Shock Chlorination

The chlorine solution must be allowed time to eliminate the contamination. No one should use the water for 12-24 hours after the shocking process. Once the process is complete, a lab test will determine if the water is safe for use.

Contact Us for Commercial Well Chlorination and Inspection

If you think your commercial property’s well water may be contaminated, do not take a chance on someone getting sick from drinking or using the water. Call Paramount Well Service, and we will evaluate your well for contamination and recommend repairs and treatment if needed. For more information, reach out to us today!