diagram of open loop geothermal system

Advantages of Open Loop Geothermal Systems for Your Home or Business

Groundwater wells provide a continuous, clean water supply for homeowners, farmers, and business owners in rural areas and cities where wells are permitted. One of the most attractive aspects of groundwater wells versus municipal water is that utilizing a well is exceptionally cost-effective. While well water on its own offers a host of benefits, well water obtained through an open loop geothermal system provides additional advantages.

How Do Open Loop Geothermal Systems Work?

Open loop geothermal systems work by pumping water directly from your well into a geothermal heat pump installed inside your home or business. The geothermal pump features a water-to-refrigerant heat exchanger coil to heat and cool your home or business’ water supply.

Once the water leaves the structure, it is safely directed back into either a discharge well or an approved drainage ditch or pond. This process is often referred to as “pump and dump” since the system utilizes two wells or one well and a drainage area to pump then release the water.

In addition to pump and dump systems, open loop geothermal systems can be installed as standing column systems that utilize single wells. The groundwater is pumped from a single well through an interior heat exchanger, then pumped back into the same well.

What Are the Benefits of Open Loop Geothermal Systems?

Open loop geothermal systems offer a wide range of benefits, starting with cost-effectiveness. If your well water comes from an independent source, the actual cost of the water is close to zero, and open loop systems do not require geothermal drilling or excessive lengths of pipe, so you also save money on installation costs.

The heat exchange systems of both pump and dump and standing column systems keep well water at a consistent temperature, ensuring the water in your home or business runs at the right temperature at all times.

Open loop geothermal systems require little maintenance, as the heat exchangers are housed indoors, which helps prevent contamination and damage from the outdoor elements. Geothermal systems are also environmentally-friendly, as the systems don’t utilize fossil fuels to create heat, and they don’t emit greenhouse gases.

Open Loop Geothermal System Consultations and Installations

If you’re considering incorporating an open loop geothermal system to streamline your home or business’ water heating and cooling process, the first step is to schedule a consultation with one of our expert installation specialists. Paramount Well Service has over 30 years of experience installing and maintaining wells and geothermal systems. We can advise on the best system to meet your particular property needs and move forward with the installation.