A water well pressure tank installed on a concrete slab.

The Importance of a Water Well Pressure Tank For Your Home

You may know about a water well tank, but do you know how valuable and important it can be for your home? Without a water well tank, your life will be very different — and not in a good way. So it’s important to know about your tank inside and out and the difference it makes in the amount of water you get in your home. Here’s what you need to know about water well pressure tanks and why they’re so crucial for your residential property. 

What Are Water Well Pressure Tanks?

Water well pressure tanks protect the life of your well pump while keeping a sustainable water pressure for your home. When you turn on a faucet, your well has to process a ton of water. The tank uses compressed air to create a pressurized water flow using a set of air chambers. The most common pressure tank types include air-over-water, diaphragm, and bladder tanks. They each work to achieve the same goal — give you adequate water flow no matter where you are in your home. 

How Water Well Tanks Work

Water pressure tanks work in conjunction with well pumps to either remove water from a source or force water through the system. The tanks attempt to keep the pressure of the stored water within 20 PSI of your start/stop settings. Pressure tanks can also prevent the water pump from short cycling. The three main water tanks mentioned above all perform the same function but do so in different ways. They include:

  • Air-over-water tanks – With these tanks, the water and air inside have no physical barrier. This means the pressurized air pushes on the water as needed, creating the necessary flow for your faucet. 
  • Diaphragm tanks – These tanks separate the water and air with a vinyl or rubber diaphragm. When the water enters the tank, the diaphragm stretches to create compression that processes water. 
  • Bladder tanks – These tanks store water in a bladder that’s similar to a balloon. When the bladder expands, the water pumped into the tank is impacted by the compressed air caused by the expansion of the bladder. 

Life Without a Water Well Pressure Tank

It’s safe to say that homeowners that depend on a well don’t want to live life without a tank. Without a functioning tank, your water pressure would fluctuate rapidly, and you would burn out the water tank motor. Additionally, tanks help to separate the water and air from your tank and prevent waterlogging or other significant issues. Most importantly, without a tank, you wouldn’t get enough water, making it difficult to perform simple tasks like washing your hands or showering. 

You should also focus on caring for your tank. A well-cared-for tank is essential, as a significant problem can lead to stressful and costly repairs. A quality tank maintenance team is of the utmost importance, so make sure your local residential tank services are on speed dial. 

Looking to Service Your Water Well Tank? Paramount Well Service Has You Covered

Water tanks are incredibly vital to keeping your wells operating at peak efficiency. The minute these tanks start to show signs of trouble, you risk compromising the entire water system. Suffice it to say, having a high-quality water tank service on your side makes a big difference, which is where the Paramount Well Service team comes in. 

Our well tank installation and replacement services make it easier than ever before to ensure proper water flow to your home at a price point that won’t break the bank. We even provide commercial tank service for laundromats and other water-dependent organizations. So, schedule an appointment with our team today to receive a comprehensive evaluation of your entire well system for your home.