A sprinkler spraying water on grass and flowers.

What You Need to Know About Automatic Irrigation Systems

Are you tired of carrying that old sprinkler system around your property? Not only can it be extremely annoying, but it can be a giant waste of time, and we know just how valuable your time is. Irrigation is one of the most important parts of farming, and whether you’re attempting to feed a family or feed a country, having efficient irrigation can make a significant difference in production.

Have you thought about an automatic irrigation system? Not only does it sound great, but it can provide plenty of benefits for your plants and yard and offer convenience for your body and mind. Put down that garden hose and discover why you need an automatic irrigation system ASAP!

What Are Automatic Irrigation Systems?

Automatic irrigation systems have been around for a while, just without the modern technology we have today. These systems consist of computer/timer-based units used to provide water for crops while minimizing human intervention. Every type of water delivery method (drip, surface, and sprinklers) can have an automated version. 

There are four main types of systems you should be aware of, which include:

  • Time-Based Automatic Irrigation – These systems use an electric timer to control the amount of water deposited. Users can calculate how much water their crops require and use a formula to estimate the right timing for each set of crops.
  • Volume-Based Automatic Irrigation – This method uses a volume control valve to deposit the water onto your crops. The system operates using a calculation similar to the time-based version. 
  • Open-Loop Systems – Open-loop systems give operators control over the timing and amount of water used. This can be pre-determined using a computer setting and is usually based on a clock.
  • Closed-Loop Systems – Closed-loop systems are much more sophisticated, instead relying on feedback from sensors that use various factors to determine the right time and amount of water for irrigation.

Why Automatic Irrigation Is Right for You

The best part about automatic irrigation is how many ways it makes your job easier. Automatic irrigation is much more efficient due to a series of seemingly minor adjustments that add up to something bigger. Things like minimal maintenance and setting irrigation zones save time and energy, giving residential or commercial irrigation installations a high value.  

Set Irrigation Zones

Irrigation zones allow you to customize the amount of water specific locations get. When might this be useful? If you’re planting multiple produce, irrigation zones can be a simple way to ensure each section receives the right amount of water without over or under-flowing. Before installing your system, make sure your lawn is zoned off and determine how much water each section needs. From here, you can target your water distribution more efficiently.

Conserve Water

Speaking of efficiency, an automatic system saves a ton of water. It’s easy to use water to over or underfeed your plants. Automatic systems provide exact amounts of water every time, allowing your units to thrive without wasting water or hard-earned money.

Reduce Labor

With the automatic irrigation system doing all the work for you, there’s no need to get down and dirty with your lawn! By all means, you have the option if you love a good lawn project, but this system helps residents coming home from a long day at work or waking up early to water their lawns. No matter where you are, it’s guaranteed that your lawn will be watered to perfection.

Prevent Diseases and Weeds

Automatic irrigation systems ensure your plants get adequate water by hitting directly at the root. Not only does this maximize every drop your plants get, but it can also prevent leaf diseases. Because the water has no chance of damaging the leaves, it removes the likelihood of growths infecting your plants. Additionally, it keeps your soil healthy by reducing water runoffs and ensuring nutrients stay within.

Get Your Irrigation System Today!

Why miss out on one of the best ways to preserve your lawn? Automatic irrigation systems make your life easier, save money, allow you to customize your water flow the way you want, and do it without using a ton of water. What’s not to like? The last thing you can do to make sure your irrigation system does a good job is to get it installed by the team at Paramount Well Service. Get your residential irrigation pump system today when you contact our installers and watch as your comfort and property value immediately skyrocket!