Jet Pump vs. Submersible Pump: What’s the Difference, and Which One Is Right For Me?

When replacing your water pump, one key question you must answer is whether a jet pump or submersible pump is the best choice for your needs. A few factors go into that decision beyond just a straight replacement of what you already have.

The first step is understanding what each type of pump does.

Jet Pump

This type of pump “process uses” water, a technical way of saying it must be filled with water before it will work. A jet pump is usually mounted above a well and uses suction to draw water via a centrifugal pump, which creates pressure by use of an impeller (a rotor that increases the flow and pressure of water.) As water departs the pump housing, a vacuum sucks more water out of the well, and the final result is a solid, reliable stream of high-pressure water held in place by a check valve.

Submersible Pump

A submersible pump will not work unless, as the name implies, it is submerged in water. It is cylindrical, and the bottom part of the housing holds the motor, which is connected to a power source above ground. This type of pump uses a series of impellers to build pressure and push water through piping. When activated, water is transferred from the well into a storage tank. An adapter controls access to the well and acts as a router between the well and the home’s plumbing system.

Determining Which Type of Pump Is Right for Your Property

Well Depth

This is one of the driving factors. Because a submersible pump pushes water upward, which requires less energy than pulling water, submersible wells are ideal for deeper wells.

Pressure Needs

If your home is sizable or has an extensive plumbing system, the pressure might be the more critical factor. In this case, because it maintains a constant pressure, a jet pump would do the trick.

The key is to talk with a well professional like the experts at Paramount Well Service and work with them to determine what type of pump best fits your needs. For more information about our residential pump services or commercial pump services, contact us today!