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What’s the Difference Between Drip Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems?

Determining the best watering system for your lawn or landscaping depends on several factors. For example, expansive tree-less lawns would benefit from a sprinkler system. Landscaped areas consisting of many small trees, bushes, and ornamental plants would benefit from drip irrigation. In some cases, property owners may need both drip irrigation and sprinkler systems.

Why Choose a Sprinkler System?

Sprinkler systems involve using hoses or small pipes to convey water from an outdoor source into nozzles that spray water over grass and plant life. Sprinklers mimic rain falling in the way it can water larger lawn areas with minimal equipment. Some sprinkler systems spray water over one area only, while others offer spray nozzles that turn in various degrees.

Pros of a sprinkler system include:

  • Provides water to large, grassy areas quickly and easily
  • Excellent source of moisture for all soil types
  • Programmable to run on timers
  • Minimal maintenance required

Why Choose a Drip Irrigation System?

The biggest difference between a drip irrigation system and a sprinkler system is that drip irrigation does not involve water being sprayed into the air and over plant life. Instead, drip irrigation is made of a series of drip tubing that lays slightly embedded in soil between rows of landscape, garden, or decorative lawn plants. Small valves connected to the tubing “drip” water directly into the soil so that plant roots are thoroughly hydrated. Regulation of water drips can be adjusted to accommodate changing weather events.

Pros of a drip irrigation system include:

  • Reduces weed growth and soil erosion
  • Promotes growth of plants with unique watering needs
  • Prevents the mixing of water and fertilizers
  • May help accelerate the germination of certain flower and vegetable seeds

Should You Consider Both Watering Systems?

Large lawns without trees or bushes to provide partial shade would benefit from a sprinkler system. Backyard gardens consisting of less than a dozen rows of vegetables would receive sufficient moisture from a sprinkler system.

Alternately, if a large lawn is bordered by small, ornamental trees or bushes, a drip irrigation system may be necessary to ensure border growth stays adequately watered. Young trees that have been newly planted would thrive under the gradual, steady supply of water provided by a drip irrigation system.

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